Leagues 2018/2019 Winter Season


*All leagues will be floating leagues for your convenience. Play anytime. Just call us and make a tee time.*

18 Hole League- 2 person teams

18 holes each week for 12 weeks. Play anytime during the week. If you do not play during that week, you will not receive any points for that week, but you can always play ahead so plan accordingly.

Format: You will play a different team at a different golf course each week. Format will be 2 person combined score each week. The winning  team will receive 2 points and the losing team 0 points for that week. In the event of a tie, each team will receive 1 point for that week. All leagues are net and hdcps will be used.

Handicaps- The first 3 weeks, handicaps will be based on handicap index or average score data entered on your registration form. After week 3, all players will be assigned an HD golf handicap based on scores posted.

Dates:  League will begin on Monday Dec. 10th and end on Sunday March 3rd. We will have 1 week off from Monday Dec. 25th-Sunday Dec. 31st. 11 weeks of league play.

Registration deadline: Teams must be registered by Sunday Dec. 10th. If you are a single and do not have a partner, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Click here for  Registration form.